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  2018-01-12 - 2018-01-14
Covasna - Comandau  
Historic Winter Rally Covasna 2018

RO: La cea de-a doua edi?ie a concursului z?pezii pentru ma?ini istorice, suntem bucuro?i s? ne al?tur?m ?i acestui eveniment deosebit. Anul 2017 ne-a adus în prim plan pilo?i experimenta?i, ce au str?b?tut condi?ii de iarn?, tocmai din Fran?a, pentru a se putea bucura de un Monte Carlo al României, cu autovehicule istorice !
D?m startul în Comand?u, comuna aflat? la 1030 m altitudine de la nivelul m?rii care ne g?zduie?te an de an, evenimentele automobilistice. Garant?m un show de neuitat ?i ne ?inem de cuvânt, astfel c? anul 2018 nu va aduce schimb?ri, decât îmbucur?toare cu siguran??, c?ci la edi?ia din 2018 ?i-au anun?at participarea aproape 50 de echipaje, pân? la momentul actual. V? a?tept?m
cu drag !
HU: Örömmel jelentsük be hogy 2-ik alkalommal kerül megrendezésre a Historic Winter Rally.A 2017-es évben,a legels? alkalommal,tapasztalt pilóták érkeztek Franciaországból azért hogy téli útviszonyokban szeljék Kommandó és környéke útjait.Úgymond ez Románia Monte Carlo versenye.Mint 2017-ben,most is Kommandó ad otthont,egy 1 kilométer tengerszint fölötti település.
Nagyon boldogak vagyunk,hisz 51 versenyz? fog megmérk?zni egymással a hóval belepett pályán.Szeretettel várunk minden egyes érdekl?d?t!

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Organizator: Auto Crono

  2018-01-31 - 2018-02-07
Monte Carlo  

Seduction remains a priority!

Three days only after the arrival of the 86th Monte-Carlo Rally, crews entered in the 21th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique will also have to face a demanding route. The main feature will be a selection of Regularity Zones (ZRs) already used in previous editions of this prestigious event. The next one will mark the 65th anniversary of the win by Ford Zephyr N°365 driven by Maurice Gatsonides-Peter Worledge in 1953. And this 2018 edition will be even more exciting, thanks to the endless motivation of the Organizing Committee at Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM). The succession of Michel Decremer and Yannick Albert, the winning crew in 2017 aboard an Opel Ascona 2000, is now open…

As always, Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique can only accept cars which participated to Monte-Carlo Rally between 1955 and 1980. And in order to allow all crews a chance to finish in a decent position, they have a choice between three averages to respect during the whole race.

The start of this 21th edition will be given on Wednesday January 31 for the first concentration legs, in Oslo (1,611km / 09:55am) and Glasgow (1,987km / 6pm). Then, on Friday February 2 other crews will depart from Bad Hombourg (1,028km / 2:00 pm), Barcelona (1,150km / 2:30 pm), Monte-Carlo (962km / 7pm) and Reims (801km / 7pm). The first destination will be Bourgoin-Jallieu (Isčre), a rallying point that crews will reach on Saturday February 3 from 6:30am onwards. At that point, the concentration leg will be far from over, since all crews will have to go through a couple of well-known regularity zones: « Le Gua – Saint-Michel-les-Portes / ZR1 / 39,99 km / 9:40am » followed by « Col de Pennes – Pradelle / ZR2 / 16,28 km / 12:40am ». This concentration will end with the last check-point of the day in Crest, at 14:10pm, before all crews rejoin the host-city of Valence (Drôme) where the first crews are expected on Champ de Mars from 3pm onwards.

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Organizator: Automobile Club de Monaco

  2018-01-31 - 2018-02-03
Monte Carlo  

To celebrate the 21st edition of the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique, this years starting cities will
have the pleasure of welcoming for a second time, the “Rallye Monte-Carlo Classique“.

For every starting city, a maximum of ten cars will be accepted to undertake the concentration leg
to Bourgoin-Jailleu, in Isčre, without time restrictions and without a check-point.

For these cars, FIA or FIVA identification documents will not be required.

Only exceptional cars, specifically models that competed in the Rallye Monte-Carlo between 1911 and 1969 will be participating!

2018 sees the return of Monte-Carlo, after a two year absence, joining Lisbonne, Barcelona, Bad
Homburg, Valence, Glasgow, Reims and Oslo as a starting city.

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Organizator: Automobile Club de Monaco

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